Santa Maria: No more boring meals

Tex Mex is quick and easy to cook and makes a delicious meal. Wilms uses the slogan "No more boring meals" in German retail.

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Santa Maria – no more boring meals

At Santa Maria, we’re convinced that spices are magic. They have the power to transform a boring old meal into a colourful flavour explosion.

A great tasting dish brings joy to the table and connects us with friends. That’s why Santa Maria aims to add a little excitement and variety to every meal. All our dishes and products are easy to use to make it fun for everyone. Boring meals are a thing of the past! We inspire consumers and make it easy for them to try out new recipes and rediscover pleasure every single time.

We won’t stop working towards this goal until the world tastes a little better than it did yesterday.


The leading World Food & Flavouring brand in northern Europe

Santa Maria is the leading World Food & Flavouring brand in northern Europe, producing a range of spices, Tex-Mex, Asian, Indian, Latin American, Street Food and BBQ items.

Santa Maria is part of the Paulig Group, which attaches great importance to sustainable action. Some of the factories, including the tortilla factory in Landskrona (Sweden) and the spice factory in Mölndal (Sweden), are already climate-neutral. In addition, product quality and the best possible recipes are equally as important, and additives are kept to an absolute minimum. Packaging is also under constant development so that as little material as possible is used. For example, in 2018, a new type of packaging material was introduced for all tortillas, which reduces the amount of plastic used by about 30%.


Social Media Campaigns

To support and increase brand awareness, a major social media campaign was launched in 2021 to inform consumers about the products and many benefits of the Santa Maria brand in a fun way by inspiring them with recipes and more.

No more boring meals for Santa Maria customers!

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Importhaus Wilms and Santa Maria: a long-standing partnership

Santa Maria has been working closely and confidently with Importhaus Wilms for several years. The Casa Fiesta brand, which was produced specifically for the German market, was initially distributed. But in 2017, we also decided to introduce the successful “Santa Maria” brand in Germany and to replace the aging Casa Fiesta brand.

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