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The organic trend continues. German consumers are buying more and more organically-produced foods.

The organic trend has been growing for years and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.
In the first quarter of 2021, the share of sales accounted for by organically-produced food in Germany doubled from 5.8 percent to just under 12 percent (source: BÖLW). The trend continues to rise sharply.

At present, organic foods outnumber conventionally produced foods in the shopping baskets of around a quarter of all German consumers (source: PWC-Bio-im-Aufwind-Studie 2021).

While the organic own brands of drugstores and discounters have a slight lead in the overall food retail sector, shoppers in the traditional food retail sector relied significantly more on the organic brands of the industry. Here, the share in the first quarter was over 62%.

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Sustainable from start to finish: Bio-Zentrale

Wilms has excelled in the organic category with Bio-Zentrale since 2017. Founded in 1976, Bio-Zentrale has now become one of the most important organic food companies in Germany, with a strong brand. As a full-range organic supplier, Bio-Zentrale puts around 200 products on the shelves and covers almost all categories and segments. The high standards of product quality and the promise to fully meet consumer needs make Bio-Zentrale a pioneer in sustainable food throughout the industry.

The Bio-Zentrale brand stands for organic farming which interferes with nature as little as possible and brings together the best of nature in a meaningful way.

Sustainability in terms of environmental protection is particularly close to our hearts, so we are especially pleased with the growth in this category.

Like Wilms, Bio-Zentrale is part of the Zertus Group.


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