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Exotic specialities are also a strong trend in Germany

In our international specialities category, we bring exotic originals from faraway lands into our customers’ kitchens, to add a bit of variety to the table instead of the same old dishes. In Germany, specialities from Asian and Texmex cuisines are becoming increasingly popular. We are making a decisive contribution to this trend with our range of products.

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Tex-Mex Segment

With Santa Maria and its slogan “no more boring meals”, we have been providing inspiration to consumers in the Texmex segment since 2005. This has made it easier for them to try out new dishes or combine familiar ingredients in a new, exciting way.

The product range emphasises ease of use and offers plenty of variety in taste, from mild to spicy. The Santa Maria brand is part of the Paulig Group, which places great emphasis on sustainable production and packaging and is making great strides in this area. We are very happy to hear this.

Santa Maria

Asia Segment

The WanKwai brand in the Asia segment has existed since 1958 and has been part of our corporate group since 2020. When WanKwai imported Asian food more than 60 years ago, it was considered pioneering work and laid the foundation for the success and variety we experience today with a range of brands on the shelves.

What started back then with the Indonesian rice table led to an expansion in taste and made it possible for German consumers to prepare dishes from Chinese cuisine themselves for the first time.

Exotic dishes and products have long since been accepted into the heart of society, and Thailand, Japan and India are now also making their mark on the menu alongside Indonesia and China. The current WanKwai range includes sauces, spices, and vegetables as well as many authentic and high-quality Asian specialities.

Wan Kwai

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Santa Maria: No more boring meals

Tex Mex is quick and easy to cook and makes a delicious meal. Wilms uses the slogan "No more boring meals" in German retail.


WanKwai: Chinese cuisine to cook at home

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