Delicatessen - Ingredients and Food for Gourmets

The delicatessen category consists of the following segments: pastes, hot and cold sauces, barbecue and fondue sauces, truffles, mustard sauces, baked goods, ragout and condiments.

With this volume, this category is one of the highest-selling in the food sector in Germany. In 2019 (twelve months to the end of April 2019), the entire German food retail sector (including drugstores) generated sales of around 1.98 billion euros. Around 505 million euros were generated in the discounter sales division (source: Statista 2019).

Wilms is represented in this category in the sub-segments soups, seasonings and olives.

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Lacroix - Fine Pastes and Sauces from France

Since 2008, Wilms has been successfully represented in all these segments with the Lacroix brand, which has been offering high-quality French cuisine specialities for 100 years. Lacroix delivers the full range of French refinement in the form of hot and cold sauces and pastes.


Sea Salt - finest condiments from the Sea

In the condiments segment we hit the mark with our salt brands, La Baleine and Le Saunier de Camargue, offering a select product range within the premium segment.

La Baleine’s sea salt comes from Aigues-Mortes in southern France and is extracted in the traditional way in salt marshes located in the middle of a nature reserve. Intense sun and the mistral wind cause the sea water to evaporate, releasing the precious salt crystals in a very natural way. Whether it’s fine or coarse sea salt, or even outstanding organic quality salts with herbs, La Baleine is capable of providing products for the most demanding clientele while bringing a little piece of France into the home.

The salt marshes of the Le Saunier de Camargue brand are located, as the name suggests, in the beautiful natural environment of Camargue. Here, in a tradition passed down from generation to generation, salt farmers harvest the crystals given to them by the sea. The salt marshes of Le Saunier are equivalent in size to Paris. In this unique natural habitat, the salt is harvested by hand in line with tradition, as it was centuries ago. All of the craftmanship that goes into this salt can be tasted when it’s added to your meal.


Fine GAEA Olives tastefully round off our delicatessen assortment

GAEA is a Greek producer of particularly high-quality olive oils and olives. GAEA is the number one in these areas in Greece. The high-quality snack pack olives processed by GAEA are the first olives in this segment without preservatives or pasteurisation. For this purpose, GAEA uses, among others, the Kalamata olive, characterised by a rather mild and aromatic taste and considered the queen among olives. Kalamata olives ripen naturally on the tree and are not artificially blackened with iron oxide. This makes them milder, but also more sensitive during harvesting and processing, which in turn makes them all the more valuable. When it comes to choosing snack olives, those who know how to use the best oils from Greece are beyond any doubt in terms of taste.

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