Pulmoll: It’s the Little Things!

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Pulmoll: Soothing. Small. Strong.

These soothing and great-tasting little pastilles in their eye-catching packaging are among the most successful tinned sweet brands in Germany. There’s something for everyone with 14 delicious varieties - whether you’re looking for something fruity, liberating, or soothing, with or without sugar, lactose-free or vegan. The unique recipe boasts high-quality ingredients such as the finest fruit juice concentrate from selected fruits, selected essential oils, and healthy vitamin C. In addition to proven ingredients such as sage and honey, a few unusual ones such as cardamom and white tea are also used.

Sustainability is of particular importance to Pulmoll; that’s why only electricity from renewable sources is used to produce the sweets. The packaging - whether tin or packet - is also great for recycling.

Pulmoll - “It’s the little things”

Real life is not a constant string of superlatives; it doesn’t always have to be about the biggest, most expensive, or most luxurious things. It’s a smile. An umbrella in the rain. A tin full of little Pulmolls in your pocket. All the little things that sweeten your day and make life a little more beautiful. The attention-grabbing Pulmoll campaign combines precisely these special little moments with the special little pastille. With entertaining videos and funny motives, it goes to show that those who pay attention to the little things in life will be much happier. And with Pulmoll, you’ll be happier anyway.

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Markus Krick
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